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When we use the terms “brand development” or “brand building,” we’re referring to creating and/or managing perceptions about your company or organization in the minds of your clients and prospects. While logos are oftentimes the entry point to your brand, names, taglines, as well as people, products, processes and all of your marketing communications materials plant a seed in prospect’s minds. Do you know what brand perception you’re cultivating?

Brand Development & Rebranding at its Best

Think of it this way...when you first meet someone, that interaction either reinforces or counters your preconceived notions about him/her, which are based on what someone else told you, or on your reaction to factors such as how they dressed, something they said, or other factors. Good or bad, that notion will stay intact until something triggers your mind to think differently about that person.

Likewise, people have preconceived feelings about a company, organization, product or service that are positive, negative or ambivalent. Those feelings can be modified or reinforced by factors such as marketing communications, public relations or interactions with the entity's products/services.

As a professional branding company headquartered in Maryland, we develop strategies and creative solutions that build positive, sustainable perceptions locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally. We do this by utilizing our own proprietary strategic process:

  1. Position the Brand
  2. Create a Plan
  3. Produce the Goods
  4. Monitor Performance
Brand Development
Berkley Finsecure Brand Development

Client Perspective

"Incite Creative has been so easy to work with and goes above and beyond to do a job. You can go anywhere to get a good website but you can't always get the quality and the customer service that this company provides.  We originally contracted with Dina and her team to help our company rebrand. They listened to our needs, understood them and helped us achieve what we wanted to do. Incite Creative provided outstanding quality with exceptional customer service and I feel fortunate to have them available to us.   

We continue to use Incite in other capacities outside of our websites - most recently they designed and built two exhibit displays. They also designed our company templates, stationary and marketing materials. Dina personally educated me on so much relating to marketing, which she did not have to do, to help me make the right decision on what style and types of marketing materials would best fit our company’s needs.     

Thanks Incite for help making us look great!"

- Tonya M. Lusk
Director of Marketing and Business Operations, Berkley FinSecure, a W. R. Berkley Company

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