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Brand Development & Rebranding at its Best

When we use the terms "brand development" or "brand building," we're talking about creating and/or managing perceptions about your organization and its products or services.

Think of it this way...when you first meet someone, that interaction either reinforces or counters your preconceived notions about him/her, which are based on what someone else told you or on your reaction to factors such as how they're dressed. That notion will stay intact until something triggers your mind to think differently about that person.

Likewise, people have preconceived feelings about a company, organization, product or service that are positive, negative or ambivalent. Those feelings can be modified or reinforced by factors such as marketing communications, public relations or interactions with the entity's products/services.

As a professional branding company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, we develop strategies and creative solutions that build positive, sustainable perceptions locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally.

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Our Brand Building Process:

  1. Position Your Brand via Our Positioning Workshop
  2. Confirm Your Strategic Position via Audience Interviews/Focus Groups
  3. Plan Your Implementation Strategy & Sales Process
  4. Create The Brand Touch Points
  5. Produce, Launch & Distribute/Roll Out the Brand (internally and externally)
  6. Evaluate the Results/Initiate CMO Role

To see results of our brand building process, view our portfolio now.

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