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Custom Brochures Can Inspire Audiences & Generate Sales

Electronic media such as websites, email marketing and social media certainly have their place in the world of marketing. With all the accessible technology however, most businesses still benefit from a tangible, custom brochure written and designed to resonate with a specific target audience.

Most often brochures are used as a "foot-in-the-door" sales tool or a "leave behind" after the pitch. They can be handed out at networking events and trade shows, or included in a more comprehensive sales kit/folder and mailed.

Why Use A Design Firm With Brochure Design Experience?

Gone are the days where "trifold brochures" were the norm. We understand how to maximize press sheets and create custom brochures that aren't limited in format. With this knowledge under our belt, we have more real estate to tell a compelling story, showcase what's most important, and relay the features and benefits our client's customers want and need to hear.

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From Our Client's Perspective:

When Armstrong Studio engaged Incite Creative to design our very first capabilities brochure we expected excellent design, thorough market research and skilled assistance with the printing process. We were not disappointed — Incite delivered!

Being a creative services provider ourselves, we knew first hand how difficult it can be to fully appreciate and then translate into images the ideas any client needs to convey. Add to that challenge the need to make sense of those ideas in more than just photographs, to use language in a succinct and elegant manner, to convey a complete picture of capabilities, to retain the attention of the reader and provide a true sense of how we are to work with and who we are as a company is a feat not easily realized by many ”other” creative teams.

Our capabilities brochure and companion self-mailers have stood the test of time. Incite listened carefully to our expectations, studied our industry and position in the marketplace and made sure we were totally comfortable through each stage of the process with ongoing and productive communications.

The end result? A marketing tool that truly reflects who we are as a company, highlighting our strengths and core values, setting us and the final project apart from the crowd. Incite Creative is a firm I recommend often and with great confidence. Anyone who works with them need only be prepared to have their expectations exceeded and their company visions brought to life.

Christine Armstrong
Photographer & President, Armstrong Studios

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