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Our Marketing Process Determines Your Brand Positioning.
Your Customers Determine Your Brand.

Most of our clients are already successful. They typically just need a team dedicated to helping them clarify, distill and promote their message to the right group of people. This is actually a relatively simple task...once you know the right questions to ask and know what to do with the answers. That's where Incite Creative and our marketing process comes in.

Currently, there are over 87 million insurance companies listed in Google®, 51 million law firms, and 11 million medical practices. Other industries are just as saturated. So what is it that makes what you've got so special?

Our Marketing Process Helps Differentiate You From the Pack

  1. Positioning Workshops
    The first and most important step of our process is to facilitate a workshop to uncover the client's internal perceptions.

  2. Audience Interviews/Focus Groups
    By conducting external interviews on behalf of our clients, we can uncover essential information that confirms or negates the client's desired positioning.

  3. Marketing Action Plans
    After we analyze the research, we can develop a detailed Marketing Action Plan that determines the who, what, where, when and how much answers needed to implement the Plan.

  4. Creative Implementation
    The strategic insight guides the creative implementation of names, taglines, logos, and all forms of print and online marketing outreach.

  5. Produce/Fabricate
    As their trusted partner, Incite Creative can manage the print and technical production required with quality and our client's budget in mind.

  6. Evaluate/Initiate CMO Role
    By proactively evaluating the results of the brand touch points, better insight can be gleaned, leading to positive outcomes. By utilizing Incite Creative as your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), we can consistenly police your brand, and maximize its effectiveness.

When you can clearly articulate where your company, products, services or mission fit into the marketplace, you'll have far better success reaching your business or organization goals.

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