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Coffey & Company: Brochure

Financial Services & Insurance

Coffey & Company is the leader among small and mid-sized insurance agencies in the U.S. and have attained a loyal, diverse customer base of businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Brochure Design

Insurance has been called many things including "a necessary evil." Along those lines, insurance brokers tend to have a less than positive reputation as well. These were some of the challenges we faced as we set out to create a promotional brochure for Coffey & Company.

With the above in mind and the goal being to differentiate Coffey & Company from the pack, we utilized a quote from comedian and actor, Woody Allen, to set the stage from the onset that Coffey & Company was definitely NOT the typical insurance company.

The results of our writing and design solution has been very positive. Our client is excited to hand the brochures out and has said that everyone chuckles when they read the front cover and it entices them to open it up and read more. Mission accomplished!

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