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Small & Middle Market Businesses

Armstrong Studios is one of the pioneers of digital photography. Founder Christine Armstrong is sought after for her attention to detail and lighting, particularly for jewelry and other catalog items. She is also a green activist and supporter of fair trade initiatives.


Targeted to attendees of the Advertising Association of Baltimore's ADDY Award Show, our goal was to develop an advertisement to run in the ADDY program in an effort to create name recognition for prospective clients.

We capitalized on the audience's familiarity with the advertising industry in general by developing a spoof of Armstrong Baking Soda packaging. Our intention was that the audience would immediately recognize the packaging, think the ad to be for the baking product but then question its inclusion in such a program, and then quickly realize it was in fact promoting Armstrong Studio's product photography capabilities.

To accomplish our goal, we created a packaging prototype and then designed the ad within those specifications, engineered the final box and art directed the product photo shoot with Armstrong Studio.

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