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Armstrong Studio: Marketing Materials

Small & Middle Market Businesses

Armstrong Studios is one of the pioneers of digital photography. Founder Christine Armstrong is sought after for her attention to detail and lighting, particularly for jewelry and other catalog items. She is also a green activist and supporter of fair trade initiatives.

Brochure Design

This brochure was targeted to existing and potential clients including wholesalers, retailers, creative directors, art directors and graphic designers.

The objective was to promote the studio's full range of services to an existing client base and introduce the studio's process and capabilities to prospective clients. 

Since we had the opportunity to first develop a marketing and promotional plan for Armstrong Studio, we had the necessary research at our disposal to effectively position them in the marketplace.

After surveying the competitor's promotions, which are very copy light and image dense, we chose to differentiate Armstrong Studio by emphasizing their process. Since they specialize in photographing both simple and very complex objects for catalog use, their process is an integral part of their client relationships. There is an abundant amount of inventory to sort through, organize, prioritize, and handle with care. Knowing that such information is a key selling point for the audience, we incorporated it in the concept, dispelling the notion that one can effectively photograph an object without first asking a series of questions about the image's end use and purpose.

Although we didn't want to make the capabilities brochure a photo gallery with no content, we did deem it necessary to include a sampling of beautiful images that showcase the studio's internal styling, composition, and technical capabilities. The combination of photographs and content serves as an effective promotional tool to shed new light for existing clients and introduce prospects to a better way of visually documenting their products.

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