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Hartman Executive Advisors: Rebrand

Small & Middle Market Businesses

Hartman Executive Advisors is a management advisory firm that provides consultative services to the C-suite, with special consideration for how technology can foster client retention, improve employee productivity, promote growth and reduce the firm's susceptibility to risk.

Name Development

Formerly known as "Hartman Business Technology", the founders grew tired of explaining why it really wasn't a "technology company" as most people would define it.

As a management advisory firm that specializes in technology consultation, it was critical that the target audience comprised of C-level executives wouldn't turn a deaf ear to Hartman's pitch simply because they assumed they wanted to talk about technology — something tactical that rested on the shoulders of the IT department.

After successful completion of the Positioning Workshop and evaluating their customer's perspective, we took our Hartman colleagues on the name development journey and collaborated to arrive at "Hartman Executive Advisors". Combined with the new tagline, "Where Technology Gets Down to Business" and a corresponding boardroom logo, the triad position the firm exactly where they want and need to be.

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