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Insurance, Inc.: Rebrand

Financial Services & Insurance

Insurance, Inc. is a provider of commercial and personal insurance products and services to help protect its clients from risk, loss and harm.

Logo Development

With so many insurance companies, our challenge was to create a memorable identity program that would also convey the unique value proposition Insurance, Inc. provides its clients.

After successful completion of the Positioning Workshop and audience interviews, we had a positioning statement that served as the foundation for creative development. From it we extracted key concept words such as "responsive" and "proactive" as well as "knowledgeable". They served as a catalyst for the custom illustration of an owl — an icon for wisdom and knowledge, and known for its agility and ability to see nearly completely 180 degrees. That offer quite a perspective!

The logo and tagline, "With knowledge comes foresight" combined with a classic serif typeface to create a distinctive identity program and message.

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