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JDL Electric Co.: Rebrand

Small & Middle Market Businesses

JDL Electric Company is a commercial electric company that offers new construction, design/build, parking lot and security lighting, tenant fit ups, fire alarm systems, generator installations, alterations and renovations.

Logo Development

Getting flooded with residential inquiries, our goal was to create brand awareness among property managers, construction companies and architecture firms, and position JDL as a commercial electrical contracting company.

We began sketching iconic symbols of electricity including lightbulbs, lightning bolts, outlets, etc. We felt the need to exhaust these options first primarily because although cliche and overused, they do quickly convey the concept of electricity. However our challenge was effectively position JDL as a commercial electrical contractor.

Given their target audience, we determined that office buildings – something that could not be mistaken for a home – in combination with the notion of light and dark (with versus without electricity) would be a good solution. Simplified buildings were then transformed into letterforms to reinforce the company name, JDL.

A warm color palette of yellow and orange in stark contrast to a black background further conveyed the importance of electricity. The logo, in combination with the newly crafted tagline, "Don't leave your business in the dark" successfully positions JDL in the proper light, no pun intended.

The Advertising Association of Baltimore (AAB) honored Incite Creative with an Addy Award for the JDL Electric Company logo and identity program.

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