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With a focus on simplicity, accuracy and friendly customer service, thousands of students and instructors have found Reference Point Software the easiest way to ensure that their APA and MPA papers are formatted correctly.

Direct Mailer Design

Obtaining authentic addresses for students is near to impossible because they are so transient. Professors however, are much easier to track down. They are also very influential when it comes to students and their work.

Therefore, we created a direct mail kit targeted to professors who could identify with the subject matter and then distribute the enclosed contents to their students.

As adjunct professors ourselves, we knew that we would need to capture the audiences attention right away and make it as easy on them as possible to respond. Using a bit of a numbers scare tactic, "That's how many papers will you need to grade this semester," we could draw the professors into the piece and then when unfolded, they would find 10 inserts that they could then very easily hand out to their students.

We created two versions of this mailer, one for professors and students who would utilize APA formatting templates (nursing majors: blue) and those requiring MLA formatting templates (business majors: green). These were mailed out prior to midterm papers being assigned. A corresponding follow up 4x6 postcard was mailed out prior to finals in an effort to keep the Reference Point Software name and products top of mind.

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