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Reference Point Software: Rebrand

Healthcare & Education

With a focus on simplicity, accuracy and friendly customer service, thousands of students and instructors have found Reference Point Software the easiest way to ensure that their APA and MPA papers are formatted correctly.

Logo Development

After successful completion of the marketing plan, we had a strong sense of the client's target audience. We also determined that the existing logo and company persona were not accurately positioned, given their business objectives.

We conducted a thorough audit of their competitors and then created a logo and tagline unique to Reference Point Software. The r-shaped document with oversized cursor arrow convey electronic papers and formatting while the shape reinforces the company name.

The tagline, " For papers that are always in style" has a double meaning, yet both interpretations support what the product does. The new identity differentiates the company and gives the audience an opportunity to perceive Reference Point Software in a more sophisticated light than the original identity and corresponding visual elements. Now, the company's excellent product is reinforced by a more appropriate identity.

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