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Risk Management Councill: Marketing Materials

Financial Services & Insurance

Risk Management Councill, named after founder, Nancy Councill, offers its clients a complete commercial insurance solution including, property & casualty brokerage, risk management and third party administration services.

Brochure Design

The Client came to us with a logo that was very graphic, bold and contemporary. Although simplistic in design, conceptually it packed a lot of punch. A red exclamation point (!)) was covered up by a blue "x" to convey the idea of "risk management".

We took this a step further and created an "if" versus "then" comparison (i.e. If you employee drivers to transport disabled patients, then you may be at risk.)

This concept was carried out over the brochure to help put Risk Management Councill's services in context, and help prospective clients more readily understand that they could be at risk, and were a candidate for Nancy and her team's help.

The front cover was designed with a translucent sheet overlay to further the "covering" or "protecting" idea that the original logo suggested.

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