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The Shafer Center Rebrand

Healthcare & Education

The Shafer Center for Early Intervention is committed to providing resources and treatment to children on the autism spectrum and their families during the critical formative years of 18 months to age eight.

Tagline Development

The client came to us with a core logo that they liked. They agreed, however, that the typographic treatment could be improved, and the identity program could benefit from a tagline.

After successfully completing the research and positioning phase, we had a clear understanding of the Shafer Center's philosophy and mission — to create an environment where labels such as "autistic" will not limit a child's potential.

We shortlisted a number of tagline options and collaborated with the client to ultimately arrive at, "Creating Opportunities for Success", to convey that the Center's staff of speech language therapists, occupational therapists and other key ingredients provide each child his/her own unique opportunity, because each child is unique, and how one family defines "success", will be different from another.

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