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Tissue Banks International: Product Catalog

Healthcare & Education

TBI offers a wide range of ocular and allograft tissue. Its national network gives surgeons access to a large volume of safe, high-quality tissue for transplant or research. All TBI tissue services are committed to the principles of safety, quality, consistency, and innovation.

Catalog Design

We worked with TBI to create a new catalog that contained approximately 100 products including those for dermal, ocular, orthopedic, spine, and sports medicine. The catalog will be used by TBI representatives to help convey the breadth and depth of services they can offer physicians seeking a single, integrated, global source for ocular, musculoskeletal, and dermal tissue.

Our solution to fulfil TBI's need was to create a spiral bound format that allows for optimal utility/viewing. By adding tabs, we could effectively organize each of the five major product categories, allowing physicians to more quickly and easily find the SKU, specifications and additional ordering information they need.

Custom photography and client-provided imagery were used to create a compelling and user-friendly catalog that is now in its second reprint.

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