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Whiting-Turner: Marketing Materials

Small & Middle Market Businesses

G.W.C. Whiting and LeBaron Turner founded The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company in 1909. More than a century of success and reputation in the marketplace have been testaments to their wisdom.

Brochure Design

Two pieces are shown in the adjacent photo.

a) President, Willard Hackerman is a vital ingredient to Whiting-Turner's success, and he is well respected by his employees. This was evident when, within three days time, they all gathered together at more than 30 unique locations, to take group photos in honor of his 90th birthday.

We then used those photos to create a custom birthday "card" that was spiral bound. Only a few copies were printed (digitally) but Mr. Hackerman was very appreciative to have one as a keepsake.

b) We worked with illustrator, Jim Starr, to create a custom-made Holiday greeting card. As a contracting company, we had the opportunity to use a front end loader as our dominant image, to suggest that it was piling up snow. The sentiment corresponded to the image.

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