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Direct Mail Design Done Right

It's true that direct mail campaigns are not the right tactic for all businesses. It's also true that standard direct mail efforts typically net only a 1-2% return. However these limited outcomes result from campaigns that use a "mass mail" strategy involving a large direct mail company or list broker.

Our strategy is different. Using the information garnered from our marketing strategy process, we have a clear sense of your target audience and their demographic and psychographic profile. We also know what messages will resonate with them and can call attention to the issues and benefits they care about most. A targeted, well-crafted message and offer will improve your return, enabling direct mail design to play an integral role in your overall marketing mix.

Tips for Obtaining Better Direct Mail Results

  • Have a clear strategy going in
  • Use a good mailing list, as your results are only as good as your list
  • Tailor your message to the intended target audience
  • Less is more –- promote only the primary benefit you wish to convey
  • Make them an offer they can't refuse and have a clear call to action
  • Track and test your efforts

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