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Email Marketing Campaigns Made Easy & Effective

Email marketing has taken inboxes by storm. All but gone are the plain Jane email invitations and announcements companies used to send and receive. With products such as Constant Contact and Target Mail from SalesForce.com, creating compelling HTML emails is now within the reach of every computer user. Of course, like other forms of marketing, writing and graphic design, just because you can, create them, doesn't mean you should."

Like other means of brand building, email-marketing campaigns need to support an overall marketing strategy. Professionals like the team at Incite Creative can leverage available technology to portray your organization in the best possible light, and maximize your campaign's effectiveness.

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The More Targeted Your Email Message, The More Likely Recipients Will Respond

Far too often emails have a confusing message, no clear call to action, and scrolling pages of content that contain the same level of typographic hierarchy. These emails typically overuse color, typefaces and type sizes as well. All of these "no-no's" lead recipients to take prompt action, but not the desired kind. Instead, they quickly hit "delete."

Getting prospects to open the email, read it, click through and ultimately respond to offer requires a strategic game plan and the skill set to implement it properly. The email subject line, body copy and call to action should speak directly to the recipient and the issues he/she cares about. By integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) database with one of the aforementioned email marketing tools or working with Incite Creative to customize one for you, you can personalize the message and track their action. Doing so will provide worthwhile insight into their behaviors and interests so you can continually improve your outgoing message or offer. The more messages that are received and acted upon, the more your brand awareness will grow and faster you'll get the results you desire.

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