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Stay Top of Mind with a Custom Logo Design

Milton Glaser, a renowned American graphic designer and creator of the "I Love NY" logo stated, "A logo is the point of entry to the brand." Since your brand is determined by how audiences perceive it, your logo should be distinct and not simply a symbol extracted from an internet search. Therefore a custom logo design created to support a predetermined marketing strategy will build brand awareness and propel a company or organization forward.

Are you suffering from a brand identity crisis?

Imagine Target® without its red bull's eye, Allstate® without its cupped hands or Coco Chanel® without it's interlocking C-shapes.

Building awareness and recognition of a brand is facilitated by a visual identity that is easy to remember and immediately recognizable. Your visual identity triggers perceptions and unlocks associations of the brand. Shape, size, color and typeface are not merely aesthetic decisions; they are the elements of your logo design that combine to capture the essence of product, company or organization. If your brand identity is lacking or off-target, so is your business.

Is your logo successful? Take the brand identity quiz below to find out. Is your logo:

  • Supportive of your positioning statement?
  • Memorable?
  • Authentic?
  • Meaningful?
  • Differentiated from your competitor's logos?
  • Flexible & future oriented?
  • Scalable & workable in multiple media?
  • Protectable/able to be trademarked?

If you answered "No" to one or more of the questions above, go to your nearest phone and call us right away: 410-366-9479.

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