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A Strategic Marketing Plan Will Help You Get (and Stay) On Course

After we have determined the internal and external perceptions, completed the market research and analysis, and finalized the positioning statements, we have the information needed to develop a customized strategic marketing plan.

A marketing action plan is a road map to success. It clearly outlines the following:

  • What will be done?
  • Who will it target?
  • How will it be done and by whom?
  • When will it be distributed?
  • How much should be budgeted for creative implementation?

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"Can You Give Me A Ballpark Estimate?"

At the onset of any new client relationship, we can typically forecast some of the sales and marketing components needed however, we don’t yet know the extent, scope, priority or “value” of each, or the best means of distribution. To offer a concrete estimate on these components prior to doing the upfront research and planning would be premature and inaccurate.

Having the opportunity to first learn in depth about our clients, their products/services, their competitors and the prospective audience enables us to provide results-oriented recommendations that work within budget. Our clients appreciate knowing that what we propose and estimate is what they'll pay, with no big monetary surprises at the end.

Our strategic process is particularly welcomed by businesses and organizations that submit and work from an annual budget. Engaging us to develop their marketing strategy and 12 to 18 month marketing plan sets the course for their fiscal year projections. Banks and loan officers also find our strategic process to be a valuable tool when evaluating business plans and approving lines of credit.

If you have a marketing budget you need to stick to, or if you need help creating a budget, call us today: 410-366-9479.

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