“Incite Creative has helped take our marketing program to the next level. They are creative and knowledgeable, and go above and beyond to strategize and create real results that benefit our business. Our web traffic and leads have increased significantly, and they have helped us create tools to complete everyday marketing and sales tasks more efficiently. They are not only great at marketing but are a pleasure to work with as well!”

- Jenna Adler
Marketing Specialist, Adler Display

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Marketing Strategy & Planning

Those who jump head first into design without a marketing strategy may wind up with something that looks good, but won’t necessarily resonate with the intended target audience or get the desired return on investment. Why? Because it lacks a distinct brand “voice” that has been built on a sustainable market positioning.

At Incite Creative, We Use Marketing Strategy to Fuel Creative Solutions

Before we put pencil to paper to sketch a new logo or design a new website, for example, we encourage our clients to invest a little more time upfront to make sure the creative solution is based on a solid strategic foundation.

To develop an effective marketing strategy we recommend the following chronology:

  1. Position the Brand
  2. Create a Plan
  3. Produce the Goods
  4. Monitor Performance

With such a plan in place, our creative solutions not only look good, but also get the job done.

Marketing Strategy & Planning
DARS Marketing Strategy

Client Perspective

”Dina and her team brought a unique approach to our rebranding process in a strategy session they call a ‘positioning workshop.’ While there were initially some doubts about the process and in the workshop's efficacy, the outcome was excellent and we are very pleased with the finished products. The workshop provided a deliberate path, which focused our many views and perspectives, while leading us toward our new firm brand and, ultimately, positioning in our industry marketplace. Dina was incredibly responsive throughout the rebranding journey from initial concepts to the official launch.”

- Krysta Huxford
Director of Marketing & Business Relations, Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny

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