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Effective Company & Product Naming Can Change the Game

Starting your own company? Developing a new product? Or maybe you’ve determined that the original name you chose for your company or organization is no longer appropriate and it’s time for a change. Wondering where to start?

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, your initial thought is to use your own name. It’s an assertion of your pride and your opportunity to leave a legacy. Others prefer a no-frills approach and choose to simply describe the services they provide. Some like to assert their creativity and assign an inspirational adjective to their business name, or consider a fabricated name.

All of these options are viable but each has its pros and cons. The key to successfully naming a company or product naming is to choose a name that will directly and positively affect your company or organization’s brand perception. After creating a great name, you should employ carefully orchestrated marketing and public relations strategies to ensure that your name is at the top of your clients' and prospects' minds.

There's No Book For Naming This Baby

In contrast to the many books available for expecting couples, there are no "naming books" for your company. However, there is help. Smart businesses see the value in our naming process and benefit from having a quality moniker.

A name can be transmitted hundreds or even thousands of times per day. From your voice mail to email signature lines, sales literature, product packaging, website, and your first entrée into any new business relationship — your business card — in today’s competitive market, a name directly affects the success of your business.

Company and product names that are positioned for success typically have the following characteristics:

  • Easy to Say, Spell & Remember
  • Meaningful
  • Positive
  • Visually Tangible
  • Future-Oriented
  • Available URL
  • Protectable/Trademarked

If you need help creating a name, remember ours: Incite Creative, Inc.

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