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Contrary to Popular Belief, Newsletters Aren't "Yesterday's News"

Although many people have moved away from hard copy newsletters, replacing them with e-newsletters, blogs or email marketing campaigns, there are times when a traditional, printed newsletter still fits the bill, and the need for quality newsletter design is required.

Certain industries warrant newsletters a bit more often than others. Financial services, for example, is an industry that encourages independent agents to publish a monthly or quarterly newsletter. Although many of them are generated as part of a shared content and variable data plan, they do help the agent stay top of mind with his/her clients and prospects.

Nonprofit organizations are another industry where newsletters are common. They provide a nice means of providing members, donors and other constituents an up-to-date synopsis of how dollars are being spent, how they are fulfilling their mission, as well as upcoming events.

No matter the industry, if you're considering a newsletter for your company or organization, give us a call to weigh the options. Together we can determine the right format to suit your needs.

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