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Packaging Designs That Reach Consumer's Eyes

Have you ever noticed that certain colors dominant the grocery store cereal isle? Ever wonder why pasta sauce jars are typically the same size? When you go wine shopping, are you inspired by the year, the vintner... or the label?

Successful packaging designs stimulate a purchase, increase product recognition and essentially stand in for a sales person. Without someone telling the shopper how great the product is and answering any questions they may have, the packaging and accompanying point of purchase displays have the tall task of saying, "Pick me, pick me!" with their visual voice as their sole means of communication.

Our Packaging Design Know-How Helps Retailers Boost Sales

Incite Creative is a packaging design firm in Baltimore that will give your product the voice it deserves. Our services include the following:

  • Shop to evaluate your competitor's packaging and determine how your packaging can differentiate your company and brand from theirs
  • Devise a clear strategy that includes aesthetic and practical considerations
  • Determine roles, create/acquire die lines, bar codes and identify FDA guidelines
  • Ensure the production specs work within budget
  • Coordinate with an experienced packaging printer
  • Create 3-D mock ups to help you visualize the product on the shelf
  • Use our connections to help get your product into the store and into consumer's hands

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