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Stop Them in Their Tracks With a Poster Design That Rocks!

Posters are essentially mini billboards. Audiences have only a few seconds to notice a poster, usually as they are walking by with a million other things on their mind. To capture their attention, a poster design needs to compel them and "interrupt" their current stream of thought.

Posters can be used for a variety of promotional uses and at numerous venues, whether internal (inside an office setting) or external (street poles, restaurant bulletin boards, etc.). Depending on where the poster will be hung, you may need to obtain permission to hang it and follow rules to have it affixed.

From Politics to Public Relations, Posters Have a Place in Your Marketing Mix

Although historically used for promoting political agendas and viewpoints, posters can be used as an effective companion to event invitations to encourage attendance at an event, or they can inspire audiences to try a new product or service.

Opportunities for both the corporate and non profit world to use effective poster design include but are not limited to the following:

  • Employee motivation or affirmation
  • Employee event promotion
  • Recruitment device
  • Organization rally
  • Safety instructions
  • Open enrollment or other HR initiatives
  • Educational uses in classrooms
  • Architectural renderings
  • Open house events
  • Fundraising efforts

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