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Promotional Materials That Pop & Provide Utility

If you've ever attended a trade show, inevitably you've come home with a tote bag full of chachkas. Just look down at the pen you're holding and see who's name or logo is on it. Big Boyz Bail Bond trademark pink and yellow pens have become such a phenomenon that they seem to show up everywhere!

From pens and mugs to stress relief balls and just about anything you can imagine, you can put your logo on it. However just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Given the speed and relatively low cost of producing many promotional materials, having an item or giveway that will stand out from the sea of competitors and make a lasting impact is more challenging than ever. Having a creative partner that will align your promotional materials with a larger branding mindset and strategic initiative will provide the best return on investment.

Get the Most Mileage from Your Promotional Materials

At Incite Creative, our philosophy is to create promotional materials that support the company or organization's desired positioning and brand perception. We also strive to make the end result utilitarian. Something that will draw a crowd at a trade show and continue to be used or distributed long after the event will generate the most brand awareness.

Before you order your next case of ballpoint pens, pick up the phone and let us talk to you about other solutions that might be a better way to build your brand: 410-366-9479.

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