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Marketing & Public Relations: A Match Made in Media

Just as the term implies, "public relations" is how a company or organization relates to the public. The term, "public" may include the general public, but most often refers to a company or organization's clients, members, and constituent groups.

At Incite Creative, we collaborate with clients and our strategic partners to devise the most effective strategic communications plans in a cost-efficient manner for print, broadcast, online and trade media. Our recommendations are based on a pre-determined marketing strategy and supporting positioning statement.

A Snapshot of Some of Our Public Relations Strategies & Services

  • Media List Development and Maintenance:
    We develop and maintain a comprehensive media list relevant to the client's target audience and communications objectives. The multi-faceted list will include print, broadcast and online media outlets in local and regional markets as well as a national database of contacts.

  • Press Release Pipeline:
    We raise awareness of the client's brand and generate interest for its products, services and/or events. Press releases are an important communication vehicle for informing the target audience(s) about important developments. Additionally, a steady and consistent stream of news validates the company’s growth, provides content for social media channels and boosts SEO positioning.

  • Media Pitch Pipeline:
    To leverage current trends and developments we sometimes suggest developing an arsenal of pitches for consumer print and broadcast outlets. Proactive media relations will focus on the client's activities and thought leaders as the basis for story opportunities, Q &A’s, profiles and more.

  • Contributed Author:
    We explore opportunities with local and national media outlets for bylined articles authored by a client spokesperson. Contributed articles are a fantastic way to position your spokespeople as experts in their field that can offer in-depth advice and insight to readers. Many publications welcome bylined articles to bolster their content and provide specific expertise to their readers. We identify opportunities, develop abstracts and provide “ghost writing” support.

  • Speakers’ Bureaus and Expert Source Campaign:
    We develop profiles for key company professionals and leaders that outline each individual’s expertise and background. The profiles are useful for nominations and speaking opportunities, as well as for submitting to relevant expert source databases used by journalists for story development.

  • Press Kit:
    We develop a comprehensive press kit to support the media relations campaign that includes:
    • Company/organization backgrounder
    • History and mission
    • Executive biographies
    • Logos and photos
    • News releases

  • Style Guide:
    We develop a comprehensive style guide and communications protocol for use by your staff and leadership. The style guide provides the framework for all internal and external communications by establishing and formalizing standards for style and usage. The communications protocol enables leadership and staff to communicate consistently with all audiences while maintaining a cohesive voice and style that supports the organization’s mission and vision.

  • Reporting:
    Our public relations programs are monitored throughout the campaign with benchmark reports provided at 30, 90 and 180 days. These qualitative and quantitative reports include a narrative overview of all strategies, tactics, outcomes and results. Press clippings are also provided.

  • Crisis Communication:
    As much as we all would prefer to avoid conflict and crisis, corporations and organizations sometimes find themselves under the microscope and on the wrong side of the press. Our team can work proactively to position our clients to stay out of the tabloids, and help troubleshoot if we're brought in after a story has leaked.

For more information about how your marketing strategy and public relations strategy can deliver a solid 1-2 punch, give us a call: 410-366-9479.

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