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What Does Your Company Logo Say About Your Brand?

With recent NFL marketing buzz focusing on the Super Bowl, another football team that didn’t play in the big game created headlines by announcing a new logo design for the 2012 season. The Carolina Panthers issued a press release stating they would be updating their team logo for the first time since joining the NFL in 1995. According to the Panthers, they altered the logo to present a “more aggressive, contemporary look to the logo while making it more three-dimensional for the ever-increasing digital use.” So the timely question for you is, “What does your current company logo say about your brand?”

Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine if and when a logo change may be appropriate. Important considerations such as positioning and the results form customer and competitor research can help identify the proper timing. Here are four critical questions you need to answer to determine if your current company logo design needs a facelift. 

1. Do you have a custom logo design or is it clipart?

There are various services offering a free logo design. While grabbing a free design may save you some money, what is it costing you in business? Clipart logos lack an authentic, memorable impression that can trigger a number of negative perceptions and associations. It can tell customers that you provide cookie-cutter services of low value. If you want to attract customers who value your products and services, show them that your brand is valuable and worth the investment.

2. Is your logo current?

Does it represent who you are as an organization today or who you were? Is it relevant to today’s market or still caught up in the past? An outdated logo conveys that your products, services and mindset are also outdated. Such a brand message often leads to lost opportunities.

3. Can you grow into it in the future?

Your business has evolved and will continue to do so. Is your logo flexible enough to allow you to grow into it, or is it limiting? When you review your business plan and your marketing plan, don’t forget to include a review of your logo design to make sure it will properly represent your business as you grow into new markets and release new products and services.

4. When is the right time to update your company logo design?

Some business owners and top execs are concerned that changing their logo will confuse their customer base. But an outdated design that doesn’t truly represent your business and all of the benefits it provides can be detrimental to growth. There is an added benefit to updating your logo; you get the opportunity to create a new buzz within your market by developing new marketing campaigns and re-introduce the value and benefits of your business to casual customers or those who may have forgotten about you.

Sometimes you need to change more than your logo.

While a logo design change can reintroduce your business to the market, your interactions with your prospects and customers need to reflect the new you, too. Some companies with negative images make the mistake of trying to rebrand their business, their products, and their services with a name change and a new logo without actually making any internal adjustments.

In some cases, changes to your logo design may be more functional, updating your brand to reflect the current you. However, if you are using a new logo and a name change as a way to improve your relationships with a dissatisfied customer base, make sure you make a holistic change that includes your corporate culture and customer service.

For more information about how a custom logo design can help your business attract and convert more customers, go to our Contact Us page, or call us at (410)-366-9479 ext. 2#. 

Dina Wasmer is President of Incite Creative, a marketing and graphic design firm that provides brand-building services for small-to-middle-market businesses and non-profit organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region. For more information, log onto www.incitecreativeinc.com or contact dina@incitecreativeinc.com

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