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Incite Creative Launches New Website

Surely you've heard the story of the cobbler's son? The poor lad walked around without any shoes while his Dad was making the finest fashions for all the villagers. Ironic, eh?

Equally ironic is the story of the reputable marketing and graphic design firm that had a lackluster website. Although it wasn't due to a void of skills or desire, they simply kept putting themselves on the back burner behind their client's needs. As the years went by, their website grew more and more out of date. The original technology set up to manage the content was cumbersome and barely accessible, it wasn't optimized for search engines so it wasn't helping them generate new business leads and most importantly, the site no longer reflected the firm's desired brand positioning. Sound familiar?

Growing tired of making excuses and steering people away from its site instead of directly people to it, the leadership team said, "No more! We are going to do this, and we're going to do it right! And if we need some help in the process to make sure it gets done this time around, so be it!"

Keeping in mind the perfectionist personality traits of a strategic marketing and graphic design firm and the self-imposed pressure to go live with something they were proud of, the writing, design and development process did take about a year to come to fruition. It also required the help from a few friends.

Today, Incite Creative is excited and proud to announce the launch of its new website. We'd like to thank our colleagues at WebConnection and periscope Up for their assistance in the development process, Jim Starr for bringing our five-step process to illustrated life, as well as Christine Armstrong and Larry Canner for photographing our portfolio. Jason Rosenberg and Linda Harder also contributed their talents along with the full Incite Creative internal team. Thanks and congratulations to us all!

The moral of the story? Stop puttiing yourself on the back burner. Your customers should come first...right after you. If you aren't presenting your own brand and the products and services you provide in the best possible light, your clients may judge you accordingly and move on to someone else.

So Mr. or Mrs. Cobbler, isn't it time to put some shoes on your kid's feet? If you need some help, we're just a phone call or click away. Visit us today: www.incitecreativeinc.com or call 410-366-9479 ext. 2#.

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