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Refreshing a NonProfit Brand Doesn't Mean Sacrificing its Core Mission: Published by MANO

If there is one common thread among nonprofit organizations, service tops the list. Regardless of the group they target, nonprofits often embody this characteristic, and for good reason: it is their mission, and it remains so even with so much changing around it.

That said, nonprofits do adapt to changing needs and find new ways to provide service. The Maryland Trust for Retarded Citizens (MTRC) has done this since its founding in 1965, but challenges have arisen over the years when communicating new offerings against the backdrop of its founding purpose as a charitable trust for the intellectually and developmentally disabled.

To make audiences aware of these comprehensive services, MTRC underwent a rebranding program that involved multiple interviews with staff and constituents with the aim of arriving at an honest assessment
of its strengths, the competitive environment, and needs in the marketplace.

For example, the organization’s new name “By Their Side” adheres to the core mission of serving Maryland residents with developmental disabilities and their families, and it represents the organization’s strength as a reliable resource for legal and financial professionals.

The clarified positioning solidifies the organization’s place as a comprehensive, reliable group to serve the developmentally disabled population. It’s a positioning that enhances the organization’s brand perception, which will be experienced by its audience via a new logo, capabilities brochure, newsletter, and web site. In short, it’s a positioning that captures the essence of By Their Side’s mission, and arms them with the tools necessary to compete in an increasingly aggressive nonprofit world.

Dina Wasmer is president of Incite Creative, Inc., a provider of strategic marketing and graphic design services that helped MTRC (By Their Side) with its positioning and re-branding effort. For more information, Dina can be reached at dina@incitecreativeinc.com, or visit us online at www.incitecreativeinc.com

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