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Internet Marketing Can Put You at the Top of the Charts & Top of Mind

Kevin Costner's 1980's film, Field of Dreams, promoted the notion that, "If you build it, they will come." In Hollywood perhaps, but in Baltimore and the rest of the real word, website design needs to do more for your brand than rest on the internet and patiently wait for someone to find it. Instead, to truly thrive it needs to work hard for attention with support from internet marketing (or search engine marketing “SEM” and search engine optimization "SEO").

Fighting Your Way to #1

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing rank website pages and determine which sites are worthy to be on page one and which are not. Your position is critical to success, as statistics show 92% of search engine users click a result in the first three pages. Furthermore, position #1 gets about 42% of click-throughs, while position #2 only receives about 12% of all traffic and position #3 receives 8%.There is a dramatic decrease (78%) in click-throughs between position #10 and 11; while most search engines provide an option to see the next 10 listings (11-20) the extra action results in only 4% of all users actually open the second page.

With everyone in your industry vying to be on top of the search engine rankings, your best course of action is to consider a carefully crafted internet marketing strategy that improves how you rank "organically" (in unpaid search) as well as include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising or sponsored ads. Each of these tactics should be used only after establishing a solid foundation and a holistic marketing strategy that addresses both your offline and online brand.

Writing for Search Engines and For People

The science behind writing for a search engine-optimized website is completely different than the science behind writing for a brochure or a non-optimized site. The search engines are continually evolving their criteria for "credible" content and links, and not meeting these criteria can actually hurt your website's rankings. Therefore it's extremely important to engage a professional copywriter and a search engine- marketing partner to guide your online brand building initiative.

Our Search Engine Marketing Services Include:

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