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Custom Website Design to Build Your Online Brand

These days it's obvious that no matter how small your business, having an online presence is a must. When first launching a business, a simple one page website design may suffice. However, as your business goals change, your desire to reach audiences beyond Baltimore expands, and your need for better brand awareness increases, you will benefit from a custom website design. Before embarking down this path, you should evaluate your website strategy. In order to work well, that strategy needs to leverage and support your company or organization's brand positioning and marketing strategy. If you don't have one, we can help.

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If You Invest the Time, You'll See the Results

If your gym membership sits idle, you won't reap the rewards. However, if you consistently use it to its fullest potential, along with eating a healthy diet, you'll be in good shape for life.

Likewise, website design/development that leads to high search engine rankings doesn't happen without investing the time and resources to do it right. With a solid strategy and core identity and brand elements in place, the Incite Creative team then has the tools necessary to write, design, optimize, and program your website.

Although development schedules vary based on the site's complexity and other factors, most sites can be ready for Go Live within a few months. If a vendor promises you a quicker turnaround, you might get a website that looks good on the surface, but performs poorly and leaves your sales team without an effective selling tool.

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Website Designs Thrive With Help from their Friends

Kevin Costner's 1980's baseball film, Field of Dreams promoted the notion that, "If you build it, they will come." In Hollywood perhaps, but in Baltimore and the rest of the real word, website design needs to do more for one's brand than rest on the internet and patiently wait for somone to find it. Instead, it needs to work hard for attention and it needs help from these 'friends' in order to truly thrive:

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