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The Power of Personalization

By: Dina Wasmer


Three Types of Heatmaps & How They Help Improve Your Website Performance

By: Dina Wasmer

So you’ve spent a good bit of time and money creating your website. You’re pretty pleased with yourself and hoping that now that you built it, leads will come.

Well, there are a number of factors including SEO that dramatically impact the quality and quantity of your leads ...

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Incite's HubBot

Could a Chatbot Be Your Answer to Providing Better Customer Service?

By: Dina Wasmer, President & CMO, Incite Creative

By now there's a strong chance you've not only heard of a chatbot, but you've probably used one too. (If you want to give it a test run, try ours).

So what is a bot, exactly? A bot is a computer program that automates certain tasks, typically ...

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Why and How to Write an Ebook in 7 Steps

Why and How to Write an Ebook in 7 Steps

By: Dina Wasmer, President & CMO, Incite Creative

Ebooks. Maybe you've heard of them? If not, put simply, an Ebook is an electronic version of a book.

But a "book" you say? Like you're really going to write a book?! Actually, it's not as hard as you might think.While an eBook could be many ...

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pocket folder

HPHQ Job Jacket Folder

So You Think You Need a Pocket Folder, Eh?


Pocket folders certainly have their place in the marketing materials tool kit. They are great for holding cover letters, proposals, a brochure and even a business card. Done properly a professional pocket folder design can make a very handsome, professional presentation or sales kit.


The problem, however, is that most ...

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