How marketing messages and audience priorities changed in March 2020

Getting Back to Work

By: Dina Wasmer

How to Effectively Communicate Who, What, Where & How, to Employees, Clients & Prospects

Post pandemic outbreak, people are ready to get back to work. However many in the workforce have questions about how to effectively communicate who, what, where & how, to employees, clients, and prospects. Incite Creative President and CMO, Dina ...

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Lead magnet

Attract More Prospects with a Lead Magnet

By: Dina Wasmer

You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, right? Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. Well if you want to get new clients in the door, start focusing on how you’ll attract them.

As everyone tries ...
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Marketing During & After a Pandemic


Tips to Help Small Businesses Stay Relevant Today & Be Ready for Tomorrow

There's no denying it's a scary time. We're all concerned about the health & safety of our loved ones, our employees, and ourselves. We're also concerned about the financial health of our businesses. Whether or ...

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Incite Pandemic Marketing

Business Was Great Before the Pandemic. So Now What?

By: Dina Wasmer

Seldom is there a time when the entire world — not city, not state, not even the country, but the world — are all in the same situation. But here we are. Together. Yet apart.

There's no denying it's a scary time. We're all concerned about the physical and ...

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pocket folder

HPHQ Job Jacket Folder

So You Think You Need a Pocket Folder, Eh?


Pocket folders certainly have their place in the marketing materials tool kit. They are great for holding cover letters, proposals, a brochure and even a business card. Done properly a professional pocket folder design can make a very handsome, professional presentation or sales kit.


The problem, however, is that most ...

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