Are you having pandemic panic?

Even if you're self-isolating, you're not alone. Every business is facing challenges right now, some more so than others. Those businesses deemed "essential" have an advantage but even they are being forced to pivot their message to be relevant right now.

So the question is, how can your products and services be most relevant and/or helpful to your existing or potential new customers in this "new normal"?

What we can do to help businesses right now:

  • Virtual 1:1 or group marketing strategy consulting
  • Messaging & Positioning Development
    • Message from the CEO
    • We're open for business,
    • How to get back to business safely
    • Employee communications
    • Public service announcements
    • Public relations
    • Telehealth or other messaging including Spanish translation
    • Etc.
  • Pivoting business model strategy and promotion
  • Marketing/advertising expense reduction or reallocation
  • Wayfinding signage (retail, storefront, etc.)
  • Video consulting (scripts, Zoom, DIY tools, and virtual backdrops)
  • Media opportunities
  • Website repositioning to address how you're pivoting and redesigns
  • Virtual guide books/flipbooks/virtual tours
  • Direct mail
  • Flexible payment options
  • Additional strategic partner introductions (technology, HR, accounting, legal, etc.)

If you need help, contact us today by calling 410-366-9479, by email, or complete the form below. In the meantime, stay safe!

Dina Wasmer XPX Video Presentation

Dina Wasmer participated in a panel discussion with other XPX members and addressed questions regarding "communicating during a crisis." Click above to watch the full video.

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