Marketing During & After a Pandemic

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Tips to Help Small Businesses Stay Relevant Today & Be Ready for Tomorrow

There's no denying it's a scary time. We're all concerned about the health & safety of our loved ones, our employees, and ourselves. We're also concerned about the financial health of our businesses. Whether or not we're deemed "essential", we all need a fighting chance to keep our businesses open today … and primed for the future.

In this interactive video chat, we will tackle these questions:

  • What actions should you take over the next 30-60 days?
  • How do you market when budgets are tight?
  • How do you sell without being insincere?
  • How can technology help you succeed when you’re forced to social-distance?
  • Which marketing distribution channels will provide the biggest boost?

Join industry expertsDina Wasmer and Geoff Hoesch to learn practical marketing tips on acting now and preparing for tomorrow. Moderated by Lauren Kronthal, President, Hello it’s LK Marketing.