Our Process

1. Position Your Brand so it gets the Best Return

In our line of work, we oftentimes hear, "We really need to start marketing ourselves. Can you get me something for my sales team to hand out to prospects?" To which we say, "Sure, happy to help. How would you like your brand to be positioned in the marketplace?" If there's a response at all, it usually goes something like this: "great customer service," "high quality products", and "full service." Sound familiar?

Don't worry. You're not alone. And these aren't bad adjectives they're just overused and therefore have lost a lot of their impact. That's why our positioning step is so important. It sets a solid foundation on which all of your messaging will be based. If it's distinct and rock solid, you'll be well on your way to building your brand and growing your business.


Positioning Workshop: What's the internal team's perception?

You only have one chance to make a great first impression, and even the greatest sales person has to deliver on what he/she is pitching. A consistently delivered positioning statement, targeted to each intended audience, will improve the results you get from your brochure, website and other marketing materials. It will improve your close ratio and provide a far better return on investment.

That said your brand is only as strong, positive, or accurate as its perception — both internal and external. Pushing messages out to your target audiences that have not first been weighed in on by your sales team will quickly become diluted. Our positioning workshop allows the sales force and other team members to participate in the process of developing a unique value proposition that they can fully support. This process is the first step in creating a sustainable brand and positioning you as a contender in the marketplace.

Take the first step to success! Call 410-366-9479 to schedule a Positioning Workshop for your company or organization.

Audience Interviews

Customer Interviews: What's the external audience's perception?

Do you know how your company, products or services are perceived? By conducting external interviews on behalf of our clients, we become your unbiased eyes and ears and report back candid, yet essential information that will ultimately drive your outgoing message. Audience research obtained through open-ended questionnaires or focus groups will bring to light key messages and positioning insight that might otherwise be overlooked. Our research goes far beyond surveys. The insight we gather during the audience analysis phase is essential to building a credible brand message.

Audience research is an essential step in effectively positioning your brand. The external input would either confirm internal perceptions found during the positioning workshop or raise a flag that together, we need to reevaluate your message.

The more we know about what the target audience cares about, the more successful the team will be in writing and designing sales and marketing materials that will resonate with other like-minded prospects and inspire them to take action. The result? Better bang from your marketing budget.

If you want to find out what your clients really think, call us at 410-366-9479.

Competitor Research

Competitor Research: What's the competition claiming?

We're consistently amazed at how many business owners admittedly don't know who their competition is, or go to the other extreme and claim that they have none. If that's the case, you should have 100% of the market share, right?

Everyone has competition, even if indirect (in-house services, online services, economy, fear, etc.) The best way to counter it is to identify who or what it is, what they're claiming, and ask yourself, "Do we do it differently? Do we do it better? Can I prove it? How?"

At Incite Creative, our team has the resources to conduct competitive research that will help you make informed decisions about how you position and market your business in relation to your competition. It doesn't mean that you'll emulate them. On the contrary, being aware of what they're doing will enable you to confidently create your own unique position in the marketplace and in turn, be the one that stands out in a crowd and the one customers seek out most.

Get a leg up on the competition. Call 410-366-9479 and we'll let you know how you measure up.

Brand Audit

Brand Audit: What are you claiming?

Now that we've heard from the internal team, heard from your customers, and checked in on the competition, it's time to evaluate your brand and determine if it's in harmony with how you want to be perceived, or if it needs to be retuned.

A complete brand audit involves more than a facelift. It includes evaluating your sales and customer service team, their sales process as well as your current marketing tools (brochures, sales kits/folders, email marketing, website, social media pages, etc.). If there's a disconnect between any of these brand touch points we can help you uncover it, realign them, and get you and your marketing materials in perfect pitch.

Find out if your brand is in tune or needs a tune up. Call us at 410-366-9479 to schedule a customized brand audit.

2. Plan

Congratulations! You've completed the hardest part of the process — the positioning phase — and are now ready to map out a game plan.

Our marketing action plan is a road map to success. It succinctly summarizes the research gathered to date, articulates your company or organization's unique selling proposition (USP), documents benchmarks and goals, and clearly outlines the tactics to be taken to help you achieve them.


Our marketing action plan is a road map to success. It succinctly summarizes the research gathered to date, articulates your company or organization's unique selling proposition (USP), documents benchmarks and goals, and clearly outlines the tactics to be taken to help you achieve them.

Having the opportunity to first learn in depth about your team, your products and/or services, your target audiences and competition, enables us to provide results-oriented recommendations that work within your budget. You'll appreciate knowing that what we propose and estimate is what you'll invest, with no big monetary surprises at the end.

Our strategic process is particularly welcomed by businesses and organizations that submit and work from an annual budget. Engaging us to develop your 12 to 18 month marketing plan sets the course for your fiscal year projections. Banks and loan officers also find our strategic process to be a valuable tool when evaluating business plans and approving lines of credit.

3. Produce

The reason we refer to our plans as "Marketing Action Plans" is because they are truly actionable. We won't drown you in data or pontificate with lofty promises. We'll lay it out for you in easily digestible bites, and let you weigh in on it and then if you need our assistance, we'll help you implement it. Why? Because having a pretty binder sitting on a shelf won't get you where you want to go. But we will.


Incite Creative is comprised of a team of reputable, award-winning, results-getting marketers, writers, graphic designers, developers, social media & SEO strategists. We have long-lasting relationships with photographers, illustrators, printers, videographers, sign companies, you name it we have it!

Founded in 1999, Incite Creative brings with it individuals, each of whom average over 20 years of professional industry experience, and the relationships we've all built over time. That's why so many of our clients choose to engage us as their CMO. With Incite Creative orchestrating your marketing efforts and serving as your brand ambassador, you'll be able to focus on what you do best, and enjoy the most.

4. Perform

When you work with Incite Creative, you have marketing materials that not only look good, but you'll also have hard working instruments that perform well.


We'll put everything we created into action. They won't work in silos. They'll join forces. They'll be pushed, pulled, marketed, measured and evaluated independently and as a whole. We have the skills, the technology and the resources to effectively evaluate your marketing initiatives so that together, we can make informed decisions and take proactive measures to boost your brand.

Ready to crank your marketing up a notch or two?

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