Wondering What to Do With That Ever-Growing Pile of Business Cards You've Collected?

Incite Creative Business Card Scanner Apps

I'm sure you meet a lot of people in your travels — fellow consultants, contractors, vendors, strategic partners, manufacturers, etc.

You might have in your regulars in your "favorites" (a.k.a. "speed dial") or committed to memory. But what do you do with all of those other cards you've collected over the years? Not only phone numbers but physical addresses and email addresses too?

Let's face it. We all have great intentions of adding this pile of cards into a database of some sort, but instead, they usually wind up on our desk. When the pile gets too high, we add a rubber band around them. Then that stack might migrate to a drawer until the rubber band dries out and the stack of cards scatters everywhere. After a year or so we ultimately do the painful thing and toss them in the trash. What a waste!

Instead, wouldn't it be great to have all of those contacts stored somewhere accessible? I mean, people pay big bucks for contact lists and you're tossing yours away? There's got to be a better way!

There is. Here's a list of some of the best business card scanning apps. Take a look and pick one that best suits you, your business, and your budget:

  1. HubSpot Business Card Scanner App
  2. ScanBizCards
  3. Haystack
  4. iCapture
  5. Microsoft OneNote
  6. Evernote
  7. ABBYY Scanner
  8. CamCard
  9. CardHQ
  10. Sansan

Don't let business cards get stacked against you. Take control of your contacts with a handy scanner app. If you need help organizing your contacts into a CRM for future marketing purposes, we're happy to help. Contact us!