XPX MD Participant Brand Value Questionnaire

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Building Brand Value Through the Business Life Cycle

In an effort to make this event as beneficial and productive as possible, we invite you to submit your perspective and branding questions in advance, and as time permits we will address them as part of our presentation. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you December 15th!

What is one of your favorite brands and why?
What is one of your least favorite brands and why?
How has brand perception positively or negatively impacted you personally, or that of a client you have represented?
In your role as a business advisor, how has brand equity and or brand value factored into the conversation?
What branding or marketing question do you have (or that you'd like to ask on behalf of your client) that you would you like the panel to address?

If you would like the panelists to attribute your questions during the presentation, please include your contact information below:

First Name
Last Name