11 Tips for Making the Most of Employee Appreciation Day on March 3

Incite-11 Tips for Employee Appreciation Day

In the current crazy employee hiring and retaining climate, little things to boost morale and culture can go a long way. That’s why Employee Appreciation Day may be more important in 2023 than ever before.

You know your team best. What is it that will feel like a “gift” vs. an obligation to participate because, let’s face it, that’s no fun? The date is fast approaching (Friday, March 3), so below are some ideas to consider for Employee Appreciation Day or, if you’re short on turnaround time, announce it on the 3rd for a “coming soon” delivery or future event they can look forward to. Just make sure you hold up your end of the promise.

Below are 11 ideas to help inspire you to thank the employees you love ❤️.

  1. For SWAG, there are online options, but personalized service is usually the better route when it comes to quality and meeting expectations. Turnaround time for March 3 may be tight, but you could try these folks to see what’s doable in terms of inventory:
  2. Employee Recognition Signage/Banner/Display to have on-site that day and year ’round. There are several providers for this, but don’t get burned by online lowest-price options. Depending on the turnaround, complexity, and level of quality you’re looking for will determine the best provider. Contact us to discuss your needs, and from there, we can recommend the best fit.

  3. Catered Event or Box Lunch: Nothing brings people together like food and fun – no shop talk though, keep it light and about them.
  4. Not to be overlooked is a handwritten, personalized 1:1 thank you card that doesn’t feel canned or the same for each person goes a long way.
  5. Speaking of gift cards, everyone could use a little extra $ for staples these days, and if you have remote employees, something like this may be most feasible because it can be emailed out digitally with a custom note:
  6. Another great option for remote employees is a Video Thank You
    • Good ole Zoom or Teams recording will work on quick turnaround, but don’t cop out and do a simple 1:many thank you for small teams. Take a little extra time and show your TLC by doing 1:1 video thank yous that are personalized. Bonus tip: The nice thing about this idea is you can test the waters with your employees, but it makes a great sales prospecting tool as well.
    • https://www.vidyard.com/ has a free option
    • https://www.warmwelcome.com/
    • For a more customized or on-site video, contact us to discuss your needs, and from there, we can recommend the best option(s).

  7. Make a donation in their name, or better yet, allocate some $$$ to your employees so they can make a donation to their own favorite charity.

  8. And if you REALLY want to make a splash, you could let them know you’re going to take them on an active excursion this year or next (incentivize sticking around, and great for team building!)
  9. Boosting their employee benefits is another idea, especially if it’s voluntary and at no additional cost to you. Talk to your current insurance provider or contact us for a referral.

  10. If you’re not already considering Employee Recognition an important part of your culture, you may want to reconsider your brand/culture fusion and get your internal Human Resources department involved. If you don’t have one, hire an outsourced HR consultant. Contact us to discuss your needs, and from there, we can recommend the best option based on your industry and the number of employees.

  11. Oh, you don’t have enough employees to appreciate but wish you did? Indeed you do, but some of those online recruiters can only help so much. For 1:1 talent recruitment, you may need to invest in some professional, personalized help.

We hope these Employee Appreciation Day ideas and resources inspire you to thank the ones who help make your business thrive each and every day!

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