CMO Services

Incite Creative’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) services will help your business navigate & succeed in the new normal.

When it comes to marketing your business, it's tempting to jump right in.

But are you headed down the right path? With the right strategy? And with the right guide?
For over 23 years, Incite Creative’s marketing team has transformed businesses once lacking marketing insight, oversight, and sustainable growth — into informed, organized, and efficient growth brands.

Below is a brief overview of our CMO services. Please click the links to learn more.

cmo services

CMO Services

Why choose a single role when you’ve got more than one void to fill? Get it all from Incite Creative!
With our omnichannel plan in place, solutions not only look good but also perform well.
Incite Creative’s team of CMOS brings over 40 years of marketing experience to your brand.
“Creative” is in our name and creativity is what brings strategies to life.
Companies with a dedicated CMO and effective brand management strategy will outperform their competitors.
At Incite Creative, we demystify data and provide actionable monthly marketing reports that make sense.

The Role of the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Beyond brochures and websites, marketing’s role in today’s volatile business environment needs to be strategic and tactical. And as the ever-changing mix of marketing tools continues to evolve and marketing’s role in contributing to the financial bottom line increases, small and mid-market businesses and organizations need marketing leadership more than ever.

As the name implies, a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is responsible for various marketing activities within a company or organization. At Incite Creative, our CMOs know how to advance your organization’s vision and goals by developing growth strategies and leading initiatives that help obtain positive results. We’ll expertly analyze and orchestrate the ideal mix of tactics, tools, and talent to help you bring your marketing, sales, and overarching business strategies together to work in unison and toward a common set of goals — increased brand awareness, increased market share, and profitability.

The Void We Fill

When it comes to tackling their marketing needs, most companies fall into one of the following scenarios:
  1. DIY or DDIY: Some companies, usually those on the smaller side, do their best to do all of the marketing themselves. Sometimes it’s because of a sense of pride or fear of letting go of control, but most often, it’s a concern over cost. But what usually happens is DDIY – “don’t’ do it yourself.” Although well-intentioned, owners have other things on their plate, and when things work or life gets in the way, marketing is usually the first thing to fall through the cracks.
  2. Hire a Full-Time Employee: Insourcing is sometimes a good option. Sometimes it isn’t. It depends on your goals and the person(s) you put in that position. It’s challenging to find one person who has all of the skills necessary to run a marketing department. And more often than not, that person becomes a catch-all for everything, including things that have nothing to do with marketing, and once again, this vital role doesn’t get the consistent attention it warrants.
  3. Contract Out to a “Full-Service” Agency: This option usually touts the ability to do everything in-house. If you have at least $15,000/month for this, it could be a good way to go, but not everyone is comfortable with that price tag. And then there’s the question if you are getting the “right” solutions or just what they happen to offer under their roof?
  4. Partner with Incite Creative: Incite CMOs will help you maximize your marketing budget and provide 3x the person-power usually at 1/3 the investment of one full-time salaried CMO position. And when you compare our services and fee structure to comparable full-service agencies, you’ll find that you get access to the services and results you need at a monthly investment you can afford.
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Incite Creative services

Incite CMOS Specialize in the Following:

  • Market Research
  • AdWords (otherwise known as PPCs & Digital Ads)
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Content Marketing (articles, blogs, e-books, etc.)
  • CRM (customer relationship management of data)
  • Email Marketing, Workflows & Automation
  • Events/ Webinars
  • Identity Program (name, logo, tagline, brand standards)
  • Public Relations & Media Relations
  • Print Collateral Materials
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management
  • Radio, TV & Streaming
  • Trade Shows, Event Marketing & Signage
  • Video Scripting & Production
  • Website Design & Development
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Get the CMO Treatment

We genuinely care about all of our clients and do our very best for everyone who engages us. We created the outsourced CMO model to give our clients the extra benefits they deserve, including:

  • Obtain priority status over our project-based engagements.
  • Obtain all of the advantages of having an internal marketing department of three people without the associated overhead costs or logistics of having an in-house employee(s).
  • Under the project-based model that comes with line-item fees, some Clients find that they need to choose which projects to undertake due to budget or timing. However, the CMO model will allow the Client to fulfill most if not all of their forecasted needs and any new wants/needs that arise during our engagement.
  • The monthly retainer model enables Clients to more easily forecast and budget their investment and expenses. Instead of the typical project-based model with 2-3 larger installments that often result in a start-stop-start-stop implementation pattern, the retainer spreads the investment out over time (6-12 months) without skipping a beat where the initiatives and implementation are concerned.
  • Serve as a consistent, proactive, and reactive resource for the internal team to further their goals and ensure their requests are in sync with the overarching business goals. At the onset, we have typically identified some priority initiatives; however, external factors (market changes, competition, economy, technology, new employees, etc.) may create a need or opportunity to shift gears. As your CMO, we will be better positioned to change as needed without dramatically impacting the timing or budget.
  • Serve as a consultant, advisor, mentor, and “conductor” of a team composed of internal and external players (as needed) to execute the Marketing Action Plan and consistently deliver on the brand promise.
  • Proactively build brand ambassadors to generate brand awareness and referral opportunities.
  • On a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis (TBD), we will provide status reports via email in advance and follow up to a pre-scheduled weekly virtual status meeting. These meetings are intended to give a regular touchpoint to articulate what’s active and what’s on deck and keeps lines of communication open to ensure success.
  • Track and evaluate results. We will evaluate results to date on a monthly and quarterly basis compared to the benchmarks set out at the onset of our engagement.
  • As a “vendor” or independent contractor, it is standard industry practice to mark up any out of pocket costs 15-20%. However, we feel as though our role is to negotiate the best value for our clients. By foregoing the mark-up, it enables us to be transparent and unbiased in our recommendations.

Pricing Structure

Our proposals are based on a combination of forecasted needs, the scope of work, and the forecasted number of hours per month needed to achieve the goals successfully. Our retainer contracts are typically 12-month engagements. Marketing services pricing options include:

Monthly Retainer

To us, time is time. Whether we’re consulting, strategizing, writing, designing, etc. it’s all part of the package.

Scope of Work

For those who have a specific campaign or a product launch, we can work on a scope of work basis as well.

Gable believed that we were missing a senior Marketing thinker that had the knowledge of modern marketing strategies that could direct our marketing team at a high level. We chose Incite because the proposal to Gable indicated that our needs were heard, and the proposal clearly outlined how Incite would solve our challenges. We feel like our fractional CMO, Dina, is a part of the Executive team. Dina acts as if she is an employee of Gable and represents US and OUR interests. Dina and Incite have met us where we are and, in a very nurturing but firm way, have pushed us out of our comfort zone and did it in the most practical way. Incite has most definitely helped us achieve our goals and beyond. If your business is at the intersection of needing high skill sets but can’t take on the burden of a full-time CMO, Dina and team Incite is the answer.

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Ross Hancock
SVP – Sales, Marketing, Creative, Gable

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