Healthcare Marketing Strategies for the New Normal

In the wake of COVID-19, healthcare as we all knew it has been forever changed. Our healthcare marketing services include working with senior care facilities, mental & behavioral health, and medical device companies.

Before March 2020, if you felt sick, you went to the doctor’s office.

If you were employed with health benefits, insurance picked up the tab for your office visit and most of what you needed for your ongoing care. Today, doctors treat patients remotely, using telemedicine — a combination of communicating electronically and via video consultations — to evaluate and diagnose. And with so many Americans losing their jobs and subsequently their health insurance coverage, everything has been turned on its head.
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Put Nearly 30 Years of Experience to Work for You Today

Incite Creative President and CMO, Dina Wasmer, started her official marketing career back in 1993 working for the world-renowned Johns Hopkins University.

It is now known as the Bloomberg School of Public Health and is home to 10 departments, including Epidemiology; Molecular Microbiology and Immunology; Health, Behavior and Society; Health Policy; and Mental Health, to name a few.

Working first-hand with doctors, nurses, and researchers to inform how we marketed the healthcare industry was such a worthwhile experience and continues to inspire all of us at Incite Creative to this day.

We have since expanded our healthcare marketing services to include other niche areas, including:
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Senior Care

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Mental & Behavioral Health

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Medical Devices

Our healthcare clients have included:

Marketing Senior Care

Nursing homes, assisted livings, and other long-term care facilities have had their perception issues before the pandemic of 2020, but they have certainly felt the pain and aftershocks of COVID-19.

And as baby boomers continue to age toward 65 and over, a Census estimate of 73 million individuals (and their families) will be making long-term care decisions.

If there was ever a time to address a brand perception and imaging concern for your senior living community, it is now. Let us put our skilled nursing and assisted living marketing skills to work for you.

And if ever there was a time to invest in differentiating and marketing your home health care services, the time is most certainly now!

We welcome the opportunity to help you.

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Mental and Behavioral Health Marketing Services

There is no doubt the pandemic dramatically impacted countless lives and industries around the world.

As a result, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and even suicide rates have skyrocketed. Before the pandemic, the use of antianxiety and anti-insomnia medications declined from 2015 to 2019, down 12%, and 11.3%, respectively. In the time frame examined in a recent study, new prescriptions for antianxiety medications exhibited a 37.7% increase.

The fallout from the pandemic falls on both individual employees and employers that lose in staff productivity due to COVID-19 related stress, putting additional strain on businesses. As a result, the need and opportunity for licensed mental health practitioners such as psychologists, counselors, clinicians, therapists, and clinical social workers are enormous.

At Incite Creative, we’ve worked with many clients in the field of mental and behavioral health — from body image issues to opioid and alcohol addictions and autism spectrum disorder. We understand the sensitivities and nuances that come with marketing such businesses, be it on social media, via email, or otherwise, and welcome the opportunity to help you continue to help others in need.

Medical Device Marketing

New medical innovations emerge every day that are reshaping people’s approach to healthcare.

Much of the credit for such advancements go to a plethora of new medical device startups and university research labs. There’s ample evidence that this field is only expected to grow; in fact, Market Research Reports projects revenues for medical device firms will reach $543.9 billion by 2020.

Research and development come with the territory to medical device manufacturers. However, successfully taking a product to market and conveying its value proposition to doctors and patients that may want it, and purchasing departments that need to be convinced to buy it requires the assistance of an experienced medical device marketing team.

From product research, marketing strategy, and product marketing execution, including name and logo development and online and offline marketing campaigns that create brand awareness and generate revenue, medical device companies count on Incite Creative.

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We are honored to partner with our healthcare clients, recognizing the essential role they play in the wellbeing of so many. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and capabilities with you so that your organization and continue to thrive.

We have been working with Dina and her team for almost two years now. After a total rebrand, a new marketing strategy, and a bigger digital presence, we have been able to expand our campaigns and attract new customers. We appreciate the depth of knowledge they have to help us understand how things have changed dramatically over the past several years, and adapt our strategy in a more deliberate way. Thank you, Incite Creative!

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Ellen Platt, MEd, CRC, CCM
President & Certified Aging Life Care Manager