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Look before you leap.

Those who jump headfirst into promotions and posts without a marketing strategy may wind up with something that looks good, but won’t perform well.

Why? Because it lacks a distinct, authentic, and sustainable brand “voice” to cut through the clutter. In other words, it misses the mark.

At Incite Creative, we encourage our clients to invest some time up front to make sure marketing messages and creative solutions stem from a strategic foundation.

This foundation takes the form of an omnichannel marketing plan. With such a plan in place, solutions not only look great but also perform well.

What does a marketing manager do?

Depending on the organization’s size and complexity, the marketing manager may be a one-person show that outsources several of the roles below. Alternatively, he/she may lead an internal or hybrid department comprised of several disciplines, including:

As you can see, there are a lot of roles and responsibilities. That’s why a chief marketing officer (CMO) is so critical.

If there is a void in any of the above areas of expertise, it will jeopardize the brand. If they are not moving forward in the same direction, it will also waste valuable time and money.

At Incite Creative, we serve the role of a traditional marketing manager and then some. As members of the C-suite, we work in stride with the CEO, CFO, COO, and CIO or equivalent within each organization.

teamwork concept

Build the Team vs. Be the Team

When size and complexity warrant a marketing department, we can help you build it.

At Incite Creative, we are no stranger to writing job descriptions, using tools like Jazz HR and others to manage recruitment and interviewing. We’ve hired, fired, and reshuffled teams, so the marketing department runs optimally. We create the department’s organizational structure and communication flow to ensure everyone knows their role and how they are to work together. When it comes to product or service marketing, if there are breakdowns in communication within the organization itself, imagine the customer experience. With Incite Creative managing your marketing department, you’ll increase efficiencies. You’ll get the most out of your people and financial resources, and stay on track to help you achieve your goals.

For our small business clients, a full department may be overkill or over budget.

That’s when our role as marketing manager doubles as an implementor. Our team has expertise in all of the disciplines listed above. And having been in the marketing and graphic design industry for over 30 years, we have access to several strategic partners and resources. We can pull them as needed to round out your results-generating team.
Marketing Action Plan

Successful marketing requires the right mix.

This includes the right plan, the right mix of initiatives, and the right people who know how to implement them in the best possible way. If you’re looking for an experienced marketing mixologist, look no further than Incite Creative.

Incite Creative’s ‘CMO’ or Chief Marketing Officer service has been a Godsend to our organization. Like many companies, we lacked the level of staff to create and manage social media and web presence tailored to our needs. As you may know, you often find out that the IT skill set does not necessarily possess a creative marketing mind, leaving you short again. It would be prohibitively expensive for us to staff up to accomplish what their service does for us ‘out-of-house’. This is a one-and-done. We recommend them highly!


Carey Walker
Director of Membership, IEC Chesapeake