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When it comes to marketing reports, a broad spectrum of data points can be gathered.

What typically happens is that marketers and clients get mired in the data and can’t see the forest for the trees. At Incite Creative, we demystify data and provide monthly marketing reports that make sense.

When it comes to integrated marketing campaigns, the more that is part of the marketing mix means the more reports that need to be generated and analyzed. From websites and SEO to social media, email marketing campaigns, and blog posts, there’s a lot of data to sort. As you can imagine, this process can get very time-consuming, and it’s easy to get so focused on the numbers that the interpretation of those numbers gets lost.

At Incite Creative, we work with our clients to determine what analytics will be most relevant. We then track those statistics and report on them monthly as well as quarterly. These formal reports supplement our regularly scheduled status meetings.

The combination equates to a very open communication line that allows for proactive adjustments to parts of the digital marketing strategy, without disrupting the whole plan.

Tools of the Trade

We don’t skimp when it comes to investing in tools and technology that help us do our job better on your behalf. Reporting and marketing attribution tools like HubSpot are part of our tech stack and help us expedite our recommendations, minimizing lost opportunities.

Although most are familiar with Google Analytics, it’s a goliath, and clients rely on us to digest and interpret the most relevant information. We utilize other tools as well, and the reports we can offer include:

  • SEO Reports: We can provide an overview of traffic, keywords, backlinks, and technical issues for your website
  • Competitor Research Report: We can analyze any website in terms of its overall marketing strategy and use it to differentiate and position your brand accordingly
  • Technical SEO Report: We can check your website for over 200 technical issues
  • Organic Search Report: We can generate a detailed report of keywords any website is ranking for
  • Advertising Research Report: We can analyze paid search strategies for any domain, including budgets, keywords, and ad copies
  • Google Ads Report: We can build reports for your Google Ads campaigns with all the metrics needed including impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, and more
  • Google My Business Report: We can obtain Google My Business search and customer engagement data

As you can see, there is a valuable wealth of information at our fingertips, all of which we leverage as part of our CMO Services to help our clients grow their brand.


Focus Areas: Reach, Visits & Leads

Some of the reports mentioned above are intended for internal use. Our team digests the data and distills it down into an actionable summary that will be meaningful to you, the executive team, and your Board of Directors.

Most clients agree that their priorities in terms of reporting and analysis include the following:

Marketing Reach

This number is a good indicator of how well the content we’re publishing is engaging your target audiences and how effectively you’re growing your entire marketing database. The higher the number, the better your odds for generating leads.
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Total Reach

This is the number of people you can reach across your different distribution channels (social media followers, blog subscribers, email newsletter subscribers, etc.).Consider this your total potential prospects count.
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Reach by Channel

This metric tells you how many people are following or subscribed to you per channel. Analyzing growth or declines per channel will suggest we need to consider investing more or less time in the most effective and less effective channels, respectively.

Website Visits

The number of website visits you have is the number of people who came to your website in a given period. Perhaps they viewed your product and services page, read your blog, or checked out your company overview. Tracking this activity is key to understanding how well your inbound marketing succeeds at attracting people (the people who are most likely to buy) to your website.
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Total Website Visits

How many people are coming to your website? Is that number changing month over month (MoM)? As your reach grows and you publish more content, this number should increase.
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Website Visits By Source

People can come to your website from many different places. Is one source performing better than another? Use that information to iterate on your campaigns moving forward and commend the marketer working within a specific growing channel on their success.


Leads are crucial to your business growth because they represent people who’ve expressed interest in something closely related to your product/service, or product/service itself. It’s essential to measure how much new interest you’re generating for your company’s products and services to understand how the sales pipeline is likely to look in the coming weeks or months. Since leads are passed to sales to work after marketing acquires them, lead growth is one of the most reliable indicators of marketing’s return-on-investment (ROI).
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Total Leads Generated

This metric helps you communicate how well you’re supporting your sales team. How many leads are you generating each month? By how much is this number growing over time?
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Leads Generated By Source

Use this metric to identify your most effective lead-producing channels. Are you generating more leads via social or email? If you know this, you’ll know where to invest more and less time to make the most of your team’s working hours.
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When it comes to hiring a marketing professional, all signs point to Incite Creative.

If you want to have integrated campaigns that look good and perform well, and insights that show you exactly how well, Incite Creative is the team for you.
Incite Creative has helped take our marketing program to the next level. They are creative and knowledgeable and go above and beyond to strategize and create real results that benefit our business. Our web traffic and leads have increased significantly, and they have helped us create tools to complete everyday marketing and sales tasks more efficiently. They are not only great at marketing but are a pleasure to work with as well!
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