Selling is hard. A marketing plan makes it easier.

Selling is hard. A marketing plan makes it easier.

Let’s look at a few sales stats:

  • 80% of all sales were made after the fifth call
  • 48% of all sales, people call once and quit
  • 25% call twice and quit
  • 10% keep calling
  • 100% of sales don’t “just happen.” You need to follow up.

Selling is even harder when you don’t know whom you’re supposed to call, email, or meet with or if they don’t see the value in what you’re selling.

If you’re tired of getting ghosted, you need a better marketing plan.

At Incite Creative, our strategic marketing action plans spell out your target audiences and the tactics for reaching them on their terms.

About Incite Creative, Inc.: Incite Creative is a marketing advisory firm that works in an outsourced capacity. In short, we become your company’s chief marketing officer (CMO) and do so virtually and efficiently — saving you time and money. Since 1999 we’ve had the pleasure of building and boosting brands for a core set of industries. Our thoughtful process, experienced team, and vested interest in our client’s success have positioned us as one of the Mid-Atlantic’s most sought-after marketing partners for those looking to grow their brand awareness and bottom line. Stop paying for digital and traditional services you may not need. Our retainer, no mark-up model means our recommendations don’t come with any catch or commission. The advice we provide aligns with what you need and what fits within your budget. For more information, contact us at 410-366-9479 or [email protected]