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Dina Wasmer

President & CMO

Dina Wasmer

President & CMO

Born and raised in Harford County, Dina Wasmer is a graduate of Loyola College in Maryland as well as the University of Baltimore. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the former and her Master of Arts degree from UB’s Publications Design program in 1996 when she was honored with the E. John Schmitz Award. Dina was also awarded the prestigious Ampersand Award, which acknowledges excellence in the integration of writing and design for communications.

Before graduating from Loyola with a major in Communications and a minor in Fine Art, Dina interned at The Daily Record and All Types, creating ads, setting type, and doing paste-up for the newspaper. During her senior year, she worked in Loyola’s Public Relations office designing invitations to alumni events alongside more seasoned professionals. Her passion for visual communication grew which prompted her to pursue a design career full time while attending graduate school to hone her skills.

In 1993, Dina landed the title of Publications Director at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health to primarily manage the production of the monthly newsletter and help publicize School events. During the course of her four years at the research school, Dina was able to apply her graduate school knowledge on a regular basis, propelling her to more complex responsibilities such as facilitating a workshop on communications standards, managing the design and production of the annual magazine, creating departmental viewbooks and identity programs, and managing the School’s annual publications budget.

Check my high school yearbook. It was written in the stars (in magic marker really). Owning a marketing firm was my destiny!

In 1997, Dina sought new challenges and assumed the role of Art Director at Callahan & Company, a Baltimore-based Marketing Communications firm. Her main accounts included Coca Cola Fountain, EarthShell Corporation, Hearn Kirkwood, U.S. Foodservice, Columbia National Real Estate Finance, and The Learning Company. Dina was also responsible for many of Callahan & Company’s self-promotional campaigns, as well as both internal and external work comprised of logo development, collateral, annual reports, packaging, and website design.

Shortly after leaving Callahan & Company in 1999, Dina co-founded Incite Creative with a friend and former business partner, Carl Cox.

As President & CMO of Incite Creative, Dina leads a team of internal and external marketing strategists and creative implementors to help clients achieve success.

Her right-hand woman is Maria Fuster, Vice President and Director of Digital Marketing. 

When not wearing her CMO hat, Dina enjoys sporting her fanny pack full of dog treats or toting around her golf bag. She can oftentimes be found grilling out and spending time laughing with family and friends.