Don’t think of Generative AI as a competitor or a savior. It’s not that black and white.

AI - Competitor or Savior

AI can be extremely helpful to your content marketing initiatives. But think of it as a tool to help you:

  • Maximize productivity, particularly for research and data crunching
  • Streamline operations by automating tasks
  • Provide valuable data trends & insights quickly
  • Supplement your efforts at a relatively low cost (depending on the AI tool)
  • Brainstorm and organize your ideas into cohesive thoughts

However, AI has some critical limitations too:

  • AI’s deep learning doesn’t factor in information since 2021, so recent stats and info may not be included in the results
  • Sometimes writes reasonable-sounding but incorrect answers
  • Responses can be repetitive
  • AI guesses user intent and can provide biased, discriminatory results
  • Impersonal and can’t detect or convey emotions like humans can
  • If the content lacks E.E.A.T. (experience, expertise, authority & trust), Google won’t rank it because of its poor quality, hurting your SEO
  • Anything created by a machine in part or in full cannot claim human authorship and, therefore, cannot be copyrighted and can put your brand at risk

So, use AI as a tool to make your content creation role valuable and continue to get results. But, the people and brands that will continue to stand out will:

  1. Offer experience-based content, with accurate, real reporting of original information that AI will train on but doesn’t have, nor will it have first-hand experience.
  2. Report data points and content that is relevant and timely rather than timeless, either actionable or interesting.
  3. Be willing to make an argument, convey emotion and passion and take a position. Taking positions is – so far – a differentiator from AI.

Contact us if you need help navigating the AI waters and how it can help or hinder your content marketing initiatives.

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