Get More Attention from (Free) Earned PR

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One of the best ways to draw positive attention (or redirect any negative attention) to your company, is to utilize the press, or as some people call it, the media, a.k.a. “PR”.

Have you received an award? Hired a new employee? Launching a new product or service? All of these and more have the potential to be great material for a PR campaign. But not everyone is a PR specialist, has the time to become one, or had the budget to hire one. However, excuses won’t help you grow your business. So if you’re serious about standing out from the crowd, consider adding a little bit of PR to your resume.

Start with the basics — how to write an effective press release. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing and distributing your press release, and if you scroll down, you’ll also find a link to download a press release template to help guide you:

Writing Tips

  • Write in third person; don’t say “I” or “we” unless you’re using it in a direct quote.
  • Consider the reader’s perspective; why should they care and what makes your news special?
  • Be brief if you can; one page, or 400-500 words, is best.
  • Get to the point upfront and clearly; don’t lose a reader’s attention from the start because she or he can’t figure out what the release is about.
  • Avoid sales-pitch language and tons of adjectives, both which lose credibility in the eyes of readers.
  • Keep your own opinions out of it.
  • Write without using a lot of industry jargon; don’t assume that everyone who’s reading it will know what you’re talking about.
  • Proofread!  Do your own careful review to avoid costly errors.


You’re now well on your way to creating an effective press release. But writing it is only part of the homework. In order for the release to be read by the audience you care about most, you need to optimize it for search engines and distribute it to both the media and consumers at the right time and in the right way.

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