Holiday Marketing - What to Send & Why

Incite Creative Corporate Gift Giving

'Tis the season for eating, drinking, being merry and oh yea...if you're a business owner, it's also time to thank your clients for their business.

Every year it's the same struggle...what should we send our clients. And let's be honest, you may even be struggling with the "why", so let's start there.

If it weren't for your clients, you wouldn't have a business.
Yes, you provide them a service and they pay you for that service so in theory, it's an even swap. But your clients have the opportunity to be an ongoing source of business and revenue either directly, and/or indirectly thanks to their referrals. So why it may sting to shell out some dough for gifts, that $$-$$$ is just a fraction of your client's potential lifetime value.

Now for the "what".
That's actually a tougher topic because it really depends on your budget and your client audience. These days with food allergies and trying to decipher what's politically correct and what's not; plus not wanting to invest time and money into a trinket that's just going to get tossed in the trash; it's an annual challenge for many businesses. My suggestion is to start thinking about it months in advance, if possible. If you're just now thinking about it, your options will be limited due to turnaround time so manage expectations and factor in the time to procure it, brand it, customize or personalize it, and ship it.

Most importantly, try to do something authentic to them or you. Even if it's just a card, at a minimum, get all of your team members to hand sign it. Pre-printed cards scream, "We're too busy or too lazy to care!" These wind up in the trash immediately upon opening so, why bother?

One year we gave a book of chair massages in 10-minute intervals. Those went over pretty well but required some pre-planning and a flexible service provider who was willing to travel. But clients appreciated the unique gesture and most could certainly benefit from some R&R.

Consider the timing.
Lastly, a lot of companies get deluged in December, so consider a New Year's gift to kick off January on the right foot when your token of appreciation will stand out from the crowd.

Whatever you decide for 2019, do your best to make it memorable. If you don't hit a home run this year, come January start thinking about 2020.

I hope you have enjoyed this and the previous marketing tips we've shared. And from all of us at Incite Creative, happy holidays!