How Fractional CMOs Are Transforming the C-Suite Amidst Talent, Time & Cost Constraints

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Incite Creative Celebrates 24 Years as an Outsourced CMO Trailblazer

As the business world looks forward to a fresh start, hiring challenges at the C-level will carry over from 2023 and include additional demands, shedding new light on the value of fractional Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). Incite Creative, a Maryland-based marketing advisory firm, introduced its outsourced CMO model 14 years ago to address similar issues — a business’s need for senior-level expertise at an affordable rate. Today, Incite’s approach continues to prove effective, evidenced by its 24 years in business, performance-driven results averaging a client’s annual personnel savings of $126,000, and a low 1% annual client attrition rate.

Incite Creative’s first CMO client was a two-person firm unable to afford a qualified full-time marketing leader. The company had funds to invest in marketing over the course of a year, but cashflow couldn’t handle the traditional agency fee structure of 33% upfront either. Instead of turning them away, Incite offered the business owners a new model — a low monthly fixed fee for 12 months set up as a retainer for its services. Today, Incite Creative provides outsourced CMO services to small, mid-sized and enterprise businesses alike. Although monthly budgets and priority needs vary, they all share the same benefit — a greater ROI.

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