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Maria Fuster

Vice President & Director of Digital Marketing

Maria Fuster

Vice President & director of digital marketing

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Maria’s family lived in Central America and the United States, landing her in Maryland where she attended boarding school and college.

After completing her undergraduate degree and master’s degree in Corporate Management from Notre Dame of Maryland University, Maria assisted in launching and running a thriving residential and commercial title company. At a time when digital marketing was still in its infancy, Maria embraced it and built a network of relationships.

In addition to websites, SEO, and social media, she started exploring video production and creative writing. Inspired by her severely autistic nephew, Maria created a documentary film that interviewed families, all with children on the autism spectrum, and wrote two screenplays to bring awareness to autism.

Driven by her entrepreneurial passions, Maria started a second business — a digital marketing company that helped small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

She realized the need to grow her bandwidth and found a partner in Incite Creative. The match worked so well that she officially merged with Incite in 2010. Together, the firm continues to serve numerous healthcare, education, and special needs organizations. These niche industry skills are opening new doors for both Maria and Incite Creative, so stay tuned!

Maria is a tremendous addition to the Incite Creative team and our clients value her expertise and ability to translate complex analytics into digestible action items.

Speaking of translation, Maria is fluent in Spanish and serves as our in-house translator for our clients in need of bilingual messaging and lead strategist for Latino markets.

In her free time, Maria can be found on the golf course. After just a few years at the game, she’s hitting in the mid-80s and darn proud of it. She’s a raging Boston Terrier/French Bulldog fan and always fights for the underdog.